About PlantAthlete

PlantAthlete was founded by James Wilks, winner of season 9 of the Ultimate Fighter. James got injured training for a UFC fight and was unable to train for three months. He spent his time researching diet to establish what foods were the best in terms of health, recovery and athletic performance. James had always been interested in nutrition but had never had the time to look at it in such detail before. He discovered that a whole foods plant based diet was far superior. Animal based foods are not only unnecessary but in most cases detrimental.

He realized that the way most people are influenced into their food habits by their parents, while growing up, combined with effective marketing from the food industry.









People tend to get into routines, especially with their eating habits. James knew that most people are too busy and simply don’t have the time to spend researching the way that he did. He decided to share his information for free for anyone that was interested in improving their health and athletic performance. PlantAthlete is here to give the facts, free advice, recipes and more and to show that there are elite level athletes, not just surviving, but thriving on a plant based diet.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope you find some useful advice. Feel free to contact us any time!