• Trademarks.

    This serves as public notification that PlantAthlete, LLC claims the worldwide rights and ownership to the following Trademarks: PlantAthlete ™ Plant Based Sports Nutritionist (PBSN) ™ Plant Based Exercise Nutritionist (PBEN) ™ Plant Based Nutrition Counselor (PBNC) ™ Plant Based Nutrition Specialist (PBNS) ™ Plant Based Nutritionist (PBN) ™ Plant Based Nutrition Guru ™ Should any one or more of these trademarks already exist it does not affect the claim for the remaining trademarks.

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  • Energy from Oxygen….Fixed or Variable?

    Is there anything we can do to extract more energy from oxygen? Check this out!

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  • Cancer and plant based foods.

    According to Trygve Tollefsbol, Ph.D, a professor of molecular biology at the University of Alabama and coauthor of a new scientific review of the food-cancer connection published in Clinical Epigenetics the bioactive components in grapes, tomatoes, tofu, broccoliion published in, parsley, garlic, turmeric and green tea can actually turn on the genes that suppress tumors while silencing those that promote their growth. He states that "we now know that more than half of all cases are triggered by ...

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  • Plant Based Protein

    Protein. You can't get enough protein from plant based foods, right? Wrong. Plant based foods have plenty of protein. The more discerning consumer may point out that the protein in many plant based foods is not 'complete'. What do they mean? Well, protein is made up of structural units called amino acids. It gets a little complicated, but basically there are 22 standard amino ...

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  • New Recipes added.

    Just added two new great recipes. Lentil Burgers and a rice salad. Click here for the recipes.

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